Agile Strategic Planning

How To Develop a Strategic Plan That Boosts Performance


Brisbane, October 17 / Sydney, October 24 / Melbourne, October 31


  • Thought Leadership
    • Change how you lead strategic thinking in your organisation
  • Fresh Framework
    • Adopt new ways to solve strategy problems
  • Innovative Methods
    • Employ a better system to design strategy and develop a strategic plan

Why Attend?

Do you want:
  • To be a thought leader in your organisation around strategy issues?
  • A fresh and effective framework to recognise and solve strategy problems?
  • Innovative methods to develop strategy and a strategic plan that is implementable and has impact?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes” then this leading-edge seminar is for you. It will provide you with the confidence and skills to deal with today’s challenges through effective strategic thinking, clever manoeuvring and a strategic plan that ticks all the boxes on implementation.

It will help your organisation to:

  • design a new business model to leapfrog the competition
  • spell out its true competitive advantage
  • assess its preparedness to face the innovation challenge
  • become a true champion by avoiding strategic planning faults
  • turn strategy into action
  • avoid getting caught in operational issues when it means to address strategy.

The practical and proven methods can be applied to any organisation or sector, private, public or not-for-profit.

6You Want to Hear from the Best

Dr Graham Kenny, CEO of Strategic Factors, is an internationally recognised expert in strategy and performance measurement and Australia’s #1 strategy author with five books, numerous articles published in international journals and a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review.

He is passionate about helping boards, executives and managers lead successful organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. He does this in three ways: 1) Upskilling leaders – through more than 20 years of seminars and workshops on strategy and performance management, by producing world-class materials, and through keynote speaking; 2) Consulting and facilitation – working with leaders to develop their business strategy and performance scorecards; 3) Publishing – through books, articles and manuals.


Master Class Approach

approach1Graham will lead you with an emphasis on learning-by-doing:

Limited number of delegates – maximum of 10 to ensure the greatest interaction with Graham and other delegates

  • Interactive workshop format
  • Active learning
  • Detailed course manual
  • Step-by-step you will be shown how to design strategy and put together a strategic plan that will find your competitive edge.

State-of-the-Art Manual and Strategic Plan Template

Our how-to manual explains the steps to follow and provides you with a ready reference to follow when back at work.

You’ll also be provided with a strategic-plan template that you can follow in developing your strategic plan. This template is employed in exercises during the day.

2 Delegate’s Recommendations

“Good, informative. Enjoyed the new ways of approaching the subject matter. Enjoyed the interactive nature of the agenda and day – which was well structured.”

Nigel Warren – General Manager, CSIRO Global

“The most informative and intellectually stimulating day I had all year. Thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Michael Noakes – Chief Risk Officer at Treasury and Investment Services, Uniting Church of Australia

“Excellent. Really found the Strategic Factor Framework valuable, realistic and practical.”

Philip Micallef – General Manager, Intercel  Wireless Communications

“Graham has a thorough knowledge and is able to teach his theories with clarity and by good use of case studies and examples. This subject matter has immense capacity to influence the results of companies. I wish I had done this years ago.”

Ben Connell – CEO, Unsurpassed Australian Grown Bio Nutrients

“Enjoyed the seminar immensely.”

Brendan Zauner – Vice President Sales Asia, 20th Century Fox

“Graham communicated clearly and effectively. Informative, relevant with ideas I can implement immediately.”

Darren Stevenson – Managing Director, Extend After School Care

“Enjoyed it very much. Interesting, informative and useful – great to have all the examples from other industries. Good format and approach.”

Susanne Meilenbrock – Head of Medical Affairs Programs, Roche Products

“Graham is clearly a highly experienced thought leader and businessman. I had the fortune to attend a course he facilitated and read his published material. The breadth of examples he draws on are impressive and allows me to think outside my industry.”

Erin Faehrmann – Manager Asset Investment, SA Water 


Course Content

The program is not a sitting-and-listening day. It involves active learning simulating what you would do in practice.

9.00 – 10.30 am


This session sets the foundations for the rest of the day – and for your future strategic planning.

  • Features of Agile Strategic Planning
  • Creating New Business Models
  • Unravelling Strategy from Objectives and Action
  • Distilling the Ingredients of Success
  • Employing Outside-in Thinking
  • Avoiding Strategic Planning Faults
  • Tests for an Effective Strategic Plan

 10.45 – 5.00 pm


The remaining sessions involve ideas, methods and examples. You’ll have the opportunity to try these out for your organisation.

  • Forming Strategy Team
  • Writing Industry and Business Overview
  • Documenting Planning Parameters
  • Identifying Key Stakeholders
  • Identifying Strategic Factors
  • Recognising Key Strategic Issues
  • Drafting Purpose and Values
  • Developing Measurable Objectives
  • Designing Strategies to Achieve Targets
  • Writing Action Plan to Implement Strategies
  • Finalising Income Statement

The seminar day opens at 8.30am with registration and coffee. The program starts at 9.00am and concludes at 5.00pm.


The day opens at 8.30am with registration and coffee. The program starts at 9.00am and concludes at 5.00pm.

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