Focused Key Performance Indicators

How to Develop KPIs That Link to Strategy


Brisbane, October 18 / Sydney, October 25 / Melbourne, November 1


  • Thought Leadership
    • Change how you lead performance measurement thinking in your organisation
  • Fresh Framework
    • Adopt new ways to solve performance problems
  • Innovative Methods
    • Employ a better system to design performance measures and scorecards.


Why Attend?

Do you want:

  • To be a thought leader in your organisation around performance measurement issues?
  • A fresh and effective framework to recognise and solve performance  problems?
  • Innovative methods to design performance measures and a scorecard that is practical and has impact?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes” then this leading-edge workshop is for you. It will provide you with the confidence and skills to deal with today’s challenges through effective thinking around performance, clever measurement, and a scorecard that ticks all the boxes on effectiveness.

It will help your organisation to:

  • develop a scorecard at any organisation level – organisation, department, individual
  • design key performance indicators that drive innovation and productivity
  • produce scorecards that track outcomes
  • identify leading indicators of performance
  • link corporate KPIs to unit and individual KPIs
  • convert appraisals to genuine performance scorecards
  • couple KPIs to your business model.

The practical and proven methods can be applied to any organisation or sector, private, public or not-for-profit.


You Want to Hear from the Best

Dr Graham Kenny, CEO of Strategic Factors, is an internationally recognised expert in strategy and performance measurement and Australia’s #1 strategy author with five books, numerous articles published in international journals and a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review.

He is passionate about helping boards, executives and managers lead successful organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. He does this in three ways: 1) Upskilling leaders – through more than 20 years of seminars and workshops on strategy and performance management, by producing world-class materials, and through keynote speaking; 2) Consulting and facilitation – working with leaders to develop their business strategy and performance scorecards; 3) Publishing – through books, articles and manuals.


Masterclass Approach

shutterstock_195719357-300x199Graham will lead you, with an emphasis on learning-by-doing:

  • Limited number of delegates – maximum of 10 to ensure the greatest interaction with Graham and other delegates
  • Interactive workshop format
  • Group learning and practical exercises
  • Active learning
  • Step-by-step course manual
  • Step-by-step you will be shown how to develop a scorecard of KPIs that will focus your staff’s energy and your organisation’s resources to boost performance.

State-of-the-Art Manual and Scorecard Template

Our how-to manual explains the steps to follow and provides you with a ready reference when back at work.

You’ll also be provided with a template that you can use as a model in developing your scorecard. This template is employed in exercises during the day.

2Delegate’s Recommendations

“Excellent – one of the best seminars I have attended.”

Damian Byers – Director of People, Learning & Culture, Uniting Care Ageing

“I spent 2 days with Graham Kenny learning about Strategic Factors, Strategy, and Performance Measures. I found his knowledge insightful, and his framework is very transferable. A simple and elegant way to approach what can sometimes be a complex problem.”

Julia Huynh, Principal Advisor Strategy Innovation and Performance, Department of Transport and Main Roads, Qld

“Lots of information. A colourful presentation and delivery. Graham has the ability to relate his remarks to situations we face in our roles.”

Nina Slade – General Manager, MadeCo Australia

“Graham has an easy and informative facilitation style and encourages full participation. His approach is grounded in real experience and as such is eminently practicable and can be implemented.”

Lloyd Dobson – Manager Planning and Performance, Australian Maritime Safety Authority

“Gained a lot. Will be able to implement the key learnings within our organisation.”

Kate Banozic – Executive General Manager, Business and Advisory Services, Cricket Australia

“Practical, and the content makes perfect sense in a real environment.”

Judy Jaeger – Director of Future City, Newcastle City Council

“I wish I had attended the seminar earlier. It provided a systematic approach that can be assimilated in many areas – a clear process to work through.”

Janine Loader – Chief Nursing Officer, St Vincent’s Private Hospital

3Course Content

The program is not a sitting-and-listening day. It involves active learning simulating what you would do in practice.

9.00 – 10.30 am


This session sets the foundations for the rest of the day – and for your future performance measurement.

  • Features of a Focused Scorecard
  • Unravelling the “Performance” in Measures
  • Distilling the Essence of Successful Performance Measurement
  • Employing Outside-in Thinking to Generate Measures
  • Avoiding Performance Measurement Faults
  • Principles in Developing Effective KPIs
  • Tests for an Effective Scorecard

10.45 – 5.00 pm


The remaining sessions involve ideas, methods and examples. You’ll have the opportunity to try these out for your organisation.

  • Forming Performance Measurement Team
  • Adjusting for Corporate Direction
  • Identifying Key Stakeholders
  • Developing Measures on Objectives
  • Developing Measures on Strategic Factors
  • Assembling Measures as Measures Matrix
  • Selecting Measures to Be KPIs in Scorecard
  • Mapping KPIs
  • Setting Measurement Intervals
  • Setting Targets on KPIs
  • Cascading KPIs to Generate Links

The seminar day opens at 8.30am with registration and coffee. The program starts at 9.00am and concludes at 5.00pm.


The day opens at 8.30am with registration and coffee. The program starts at 9.00am and concludes at 5.00pm.

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