Dr Graham Kenny is the CEO of Strategic Factors, a Sydney, Australia-based consultancy that specialises in strategic planning and performance measurement. He is the author of Crack Strategy’s Code (President Press, 2013) and Strategic Performance Measurement (President Press, 2014).


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    Customers Are Better Strategists Than Managers

    I was once appointed CEO of a company in need of a turnaround. We made trusses and frames for houses, and one morning, after I’d been on the job about three months, I found myself staring out my window, watching the trucks and forklifts below. I thought: What am I doing here? Can I, on the fingers of one hand, list the ingredients of success in this industry?

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    Dialing Up the Volume on Strategic Innovation

    As generations-old business models are upended by innovations in retail, financial services, bookselling, and a host of other industries, companies must continually adjust their strategic positioning to edge out rivals. But senior executives often find it difficult to conceptualize all the tweaking and re-tweaking that must be done — let alone explain it to their employees.

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