Strategic Performance Measurement

Strategic Petformance Measurement Cover100 

– by Graham Kenny

Is your supposedly solid business strategy failing to deliver the expected results? Are you measuring the wrong things? Is it that your indicators are entirely unrelated to the plans they depend on?

Could it be that there’s a fundamental disconnect in your team’s understanding of what constitutes a real KPI?

This book will fundamentally change your understanding of performance measurement and forever alter your development of key performance indicators. Packed with real-world examples, on-the-spot cases and first person accounts, Graham engages readers on a topic that is absolutely mission-critical to progress at every level of your business.

Soft cover, 176 pages
$34.95 (Includes GST)

ISBN 9780980384437 (paperback)

Published 2014

Book Reviews

“Graham has buttoned down the topic of measuring your business by breaking complex concepts down into simple, easy to understand models. For years we have heard that if you can measure it, then you can improve it — with no real time spent on defining the ‘it’. Well, Graham’s new book provides a meaningful definition of the ‘it’, gives a practical guide on how to identify the relevant key measures for businesses in any field, then shows you how to tie them into strategies for achieving them. A must read for any business person seeking to improve their bottom line.”

 Brendan Zauner
Vice President of Sales, Asia
Twentieth Century Fox International Television Distribution

“Graham Kenny has produced another gem — a practical and user-friendly primer on the what-and-how of performance measurement. It is packed with insights and ideas on ways to use performance measurement to mobilize your organisation for impact”.

Professor Constantinos Markides
Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
London Business School

“Never believe your own press. Corporate history is littered with companies that were performing admirably — according to their own internal performance measures — only to fail because they neglected to determine and measure what their stakeholders really wanted. Building on his earlier Strategic Factors work, Kenny takes the reader on a practical journey to build a set of organisational measures that align with strategy, resist the temptation to measure activity, and focus on what your stakeholders want — the group who ultimately judge your success or failure. If you are interested in measuring performance (who isn’t?), then this work will be a valuable, useful reference”

Lloyd Dobson
Manager Planning, Portfolio and Performance

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Book Overview

The book supplies insightful firsthand accounts and penetrating reports from inside real organisations. By providing a proven method, it will assist your management team and board to design and implement a scorecard of KPIs for your organization or business unit – thereby ramping up your organisation’s results significantly.

The book demonstrates quite clearly how to:

  • Distinguish between activity measures and outcome measures
  • Maintain focus in the measurement process
  • Decide who gets involved in developing measures
  • Recognise the drivers of your performance
  • Set measurable objectives
  • Measure what your stakeholders want from your organisation or business unit
  • Assemble a measures matrix
  • Produce a focused scorecard
  • Map your KPIs for target setting and measurement intervals
  • Design KPIs in service level agreements
  • Make your performance appraisals outcome-focused

Book Features

  • Actionable – full of examples drawn from all industries:
  • public and private sectors
  • service and manufacturing industries
  • profit and non-profit organisations
  • Easy-to-read (Presented in a simple style)
  • Sound (Clear roots in academic research and theory)
  • Streamlined (Supplies a simple and effective system)
  • Practical (Incorporates easy-to-follow steps)
  • Innovative (Involves techniques never before described)

Target Audience

Managers and their teams, as well as directors and their boards, in all sectors:

  • profit and not-for-profit organisations
  • organisations in the public and private sectors
  • businesses in service and manufacturing industries


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