Strategic Planning and Performance Management

 by Graham Kenny

The benefits from reading this book are enormous. Its breakthrough methods constitute a system – the Strategic Factor System. And it works! So say more than 4,000 clients who have grasped its simplicity and power. It will change forever the way you develop, measure and manage strategy.

The book makes strategic management simple yet effective, streamlines strategy development, integrates strategy formulation and performance measurement, and is full of examples drawn from all industry sectors –  private, public and not-for-profit.

Hard cover, 288 pages

ISBN 0 646 40717 1

Book Reviews

“…a great book! …a significant step forward in strategic planning and performance measurement.”

Peter Russell

“…a very readable text that outlines the essence of an integrated approach to developing strategy.”

Professor Ken Moores
School of Business
Bond University

“…strategy and outcomes are truly defined, linked and measured.”

Lesley Pinter
Human Resources Manager

“…contains practical advice that cuts through the management speak and jargon”

John Minchin
Manager Business Risk and Policies
Hydro Tasmania

Book Overview

Here’s the book that shows how strategic factors lie at the heart of organisational success – in private and public, profit and non-profit, manufacturing and service sectors. They apply to organisations as a whole as well as to business units.

The book demonstrates via numerous examples from the full range of industries how the identification of key stakeholders is the essential starting point to developing winning strategy and effective performance measures.

With a distinctive and powerful approach to key strategy concepts such as competitive advantage, value, differentiation and positioning, the author demonstrates quite clearly how the fatal flaw for many organisations and business units has been their inability to define competitive advantage around strategic factors. Linking all key performance indicators to strategy, as the book does, produces a highly effective system for tracking strategic success.

Strategic Factors brings together, as never before, strategic analysis, strategy formulation and performance measurement and thus provides an innovative approach that will drive your organisation’s success.

Book Features

  •  Streamlines developing effective strategy
  • Is full of examples drawn from all industries:
    • public and private sectors
    • service and manufacturing industries
    • profit and non-profit organisations.
  • Incorporates easy to follow steps
  • Comprises breakthrough methods
  • Contains a glossary that defines all key terms
  • Presented in an easy-to-read style

Target Audience

Managers and their teams, as well as directors and their boards, in all sectors:

  • profit and not-for-profit organisations;
  • organisations in the public and private sectors
  • businesses in service and manufacturing industries.


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