Crack Strategy’s Code


– by Graham Kenny

Management teams and boardrooms are in a strategy mess confused by what strategy really is, how to design it and how to implement it. The result is corporate underperformance.

 This book understands this pain and addresses it. What’s more it does so in a simple and engaging way, involving firsthand accounts. Each chapter starts with a story (personal), provides cases and examples (useful) and ends with a call to implement suggested actions (actionable).

In providing a simple, effective and methodical approach to the subject of strategy, strategy expert Graham Kenny releases managers and directors from their strategy haze. 

Soft cover, 182 pages
$34.95 (includes GST)

ISBN 9780980384420 (pbk.)

Published 2013


“Crack Strategy’s Code is a practical and engaging guide on how to design and implement your organization’s business strategy. It is full of substance and written in a language and style that practicing managers will find appealing and useful. I strongly recommend it.”

Professor Constantinos Markides
Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
London Business School

 “Kenny has done it again. Using the same clarity of analysis and highly readable style that were the hallmark of his previous books, he helps the reader make sense of that most fundamental yet too often misunderstood and misused concept – strategy. If you teach or practice strategy, you should read this book.”

Professor Royston Greenwood
Telus Chair of Strategic Management
School of Business,University of Alberta

“The book presents an innovative yet extremely effective and logical approach to strategic planning. I have no hesitation in recommending it to any organization trying to maximise its competitive advantage.”

John Tannock
Chairman, Natures Fruit Company

“Graham has presented an accessible and clear treatment of the key elements of strategy. Chapter summaries provide check lists that can be used widely. He has also embraced the importance of strategy implementation and measurement which many now argue deserves greater emphasis in organisations.”

Ken Boundy
Director, Australian Bauxite

Book Overview

The book supplies insightful firsthand accounts and penetrating reports from inside real organisations. By providing proven methods, it will assist your management team and board to design and implement the future direction of your organisation – thereby ramping up your organisation’s results significantly.

The book demonstrates quite clearly how to:

  • Uncover the factors that will make or break your organisation or business unit
  • Identify your organisation’s vital dependencies in the form of key stakeholders
  • Reveal why your business model is successful or not
  • Design measurable objectives
  • Write effective strategy and not get caught up in operational activity
  • Monitor performance effectively
  • Discover new ideas for strategies
  • Implement your strategies fully and successfully
  • Test the likely success of your strategic plan prior to launch
  • Employ an overall system that makes business strategy simple and effective

Book Features

  • Actionable – full of examples drawn from all industries:
    • public and private sectors
    • service and manufacturing industries
    • profit and non-profit organisations
  • Easy-to-read (Presented in a simple style)
  • Sound (Clear roots in academic research and theory)
  • Streamlined (Supplies a simple and effective system)
  • Practical (Incorporates easy-to-follow steps)
  • Innovative (Involves techniques never before described)

Target Audience

Managers and their teams, as well as directors and their boards, in all sectors:

  • profit and not-for-profit organisations
  • organisations in the public and private sectors
  • businesses in service and manufacturing industries


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