Strategy Masterclass

“I attended Dr Kenny’s Strategy Masterclass delivered across 5 one-hour virtual sessions. I found the masterclass extremely insightful and contemporary in content and delivery. The 5 x 1 hour sessions was also fantastic for mine as you had time to consider material.

Dr Kenny is very knowledgeable and his sharing of experiences (real names not used to protect the innocent) was especially useful as it allowed me to benchmark my understanding against the market.

I would highly recommend Dr Kenny and his course!”.

Mark Wiggins – CEO, Hall Payne Lawyers


Dates and Times

The 5 one-hour modules are simulateneously available globally.


Dates: February 23 (Tues), 24 (Wed), 25 (Thurs); March, 2 (Tues), 3 (Wed)

Time: 9.00 am, Sydney time

U.S. & Canada

Dates: February 22 (Mon), 23 (Tues), 24 (Wed); March, 1 (Mon), 2 (Tues)

Time: Varies by location, e.g. 9.00am Sydney time (on Tuesday) is 5.00 pm New York time (on Monday) & 2.00 pm LA time (on Monday).


Dates: February 22 (Mon), 23 (Tues), 24 (Wed); March, 1 (Mon), 2 (Tues)

Time: Varies by location, e.g. 9.00 am Sydney time (on Tuesday) is 10.00 pm London time (on Monday).


Online Format

The package consists of 5 one-hour, interactive modules presented by Dr Kenny and includes PowerPoint.

Each module includes a 15 minute Q&A session.

You also receive a short individual coaching session with him by phone or online at the end of the course.



Key Take Outs

You’ll receive a series of tips, suggestions, ideas and methods. Graham Kenny lays out what he’s learned about strategy over the years from his experience as a manager, director, consultant and academic.

You’ll leave knowing you’ve heard the right stuff from a thought leader, subject expert and Australia’s only regular author in the Harvard Business Review. In particular you’ll receive:

  • A simple and effective way to integrate objective setting, strategy design and strategy execution
  • A clear understanding of what strategy is and how to design it
  • Simple rules to make strategy stick via effective execution.

Dr Kenny has developed a system, called the Strategic Factor System, which puts these concepts in their proper place and releases you to think strategically and create true strategy to give your business a competitive edge.


Target Audience

All managers interested in boosting their business unit’s or organisation’s performance by developing:

  • better thinking around future direction and competitiveness;
  • a clearer view of what business strategy can deliver;
  • how to execute a plan simply and effectively.

The practical and proven methods can be applied to any group, organisation or sector. Businesses, government enterprises and agencies as well as not-for-profit organisations will benefit greatly from these practical and proven methods.


Why Attend?

Do you want:
  • To be a thought leader in your organisation around strategy issues?
  • A fresh and effective framework to recognise and solve strategy problems?
  • Innovative methods to develop strategy and a strategic plan that is implementable and has impact?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes” then this leading-edge seminar is for you. It will provide you with the confidence and skills to deal with today’s challenges through effective strategic thinking, clever manoeuvring and a strategic plan that ticks all the boxes on implementation.

It will help your organisation to:

  • design a new business model to leapfrog the competition
  • spell out its true competitive advantage
  • assess its preparedness to face the innovation challenge
  • become a true champion by avoiding strategic planning faults
  • turn strategy into action
  • avoid getting caught in operational issues when it means to address strategy.

The practical and proven methods can be applied to any organisation or sector, private, public or not-for-profit.


Masterclass Approach


Dr Kenny will lead you with an emphasis on what works and what doesn’t work.

This fresh look at strategy will open your eyes to a simple way to develop and implement a plan that will boost the performance of your organisation or business unit.

You’ll be shown how to design and execute strategy that will find your edge and boost performance.



Masterclass Modules & Booking

Details of the Masterclass can be found at KMS Education – as is where to book your place 



Delegates’ Comments about Graham

“Good, informative. Enjoyed the new ways of approaching the subject matter. Enjoyed the interactive nature of the agenda and day – which was well structured.”

Nigel Warren – General Manager, CSIRO Global

“The most informative and intellectually stimulating day I had all year. Thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Michael Noakes – Chief Risk Officer at Treasury and Investment Services, Uniting Church of Australia

“Excellent. Really found the Strategic Factor Framework valuable, realistic and practical.”

Philip Micallef – General Manager, Intercel  Wireless Communications

“Graham has a thorough knowledge and is able to teach his theories with clarity and by good use of case studies and examples. This subject matter has immense capacity to influence the results of companies. I wish I had done this years ago.”

Ben Connell – CEO, Unsurpassed Australian Grown Bio Nutrients

“Enjoyed the seminar immensely.”

Brendan Zauner – Vice President Sales Asia, 20th Century Fox

“Graham communicated clearly and effectively. Informative, relevant with ideas I can implement immediately.”

Darren Stevenson – Managing Director, Extend After School Care

“Enjoyed it very much. Interesting, informative and useful – great to have all the examples from other industries. Good format and approach.”

Susanne Meilenbrock – Head of Medical Affairs Programs, Roche Products

“Graham is clearly a highly experienced thought leader and businessman. I had the fortune to attend a course he facilitated and read his published material. The breadth of examples he draws on are impressive and allows me to think outside my industry.”

Erin Faehrmann – Manager Asset Investment, SA Water 

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