KPI Masterclass

“Our team completed the Strategy and  KPI Masterclasses with Graham. He provides great practical advice and lots of case studies to help bring the information to life.

I highly recommend these masterclasses to anyone in business.

Even if you believe you have a clear strategy and the right metrics…..there are priceless gems in this course”.

Paula Hann – Managing Director, Metagenics 


Dates and Times

The 5 one-hour modules are simulateneously available globally.


Dates: March 16 (Tues), 17 (Wed), 18 (Thurs); March, 23 (Tues), 24 (Wed)

Time: 9.00 am, Sydney time

U.S. & Canada

Dates: February 15 (Mon), 16 (Tues), 17 (Wed); March, 22 (Mon), 23 (Tues)

Time: Varies by location, e.g. 9.00am Sydney time (on Tuesday) is 5.00 pm New York time (on Monday) & 2.00 pm LA time (on Monday).


Dates: February 15 (Mon), 16 (Tues), 17 (Wed); March, 22 (Mon), 23 (Tues)

Time: Varies by location, e.g. 9.00am Sydney time (on Tuesday) is 10.00 pm London time (on Monday).


Online Format

The package consists of 5 one-hour, interactive modules presented by Dr Kenny and includes PowerPoint.

Each module includes a 15 minute Q&A session.

You also receive a short individual coaching session with him by phone or online at the end of the course.


Key Take Outs

You’ll receive a series of tips, suggestions, ideas and methods. Graham Kenny lays out what he’s learned about strategy over the years from his experience as a manager, director, consultant and academic.

You’ll leave knowing you’ve heard the right stuff from a thought leader, subject expert and Australia’s only regular author in the Harvard Business Review. In particular you’ll receive:

  • A clear understanding of what “performance” measurement is and isn’t
  • A simple way to identify effective measures of performance
  • A method to identify KPIs to produce a scorecard.

Dr Kenny has developed a system, called the Strategic Factor System, which puts these concepts in their proper place and releases you to think strategically and create true measures of your performance.


Target Audience

All managers interested in measuring the performance of their organisation, department or section by developing:

  • better thinking around performance measurement;
  • a clearer view about what KPIs can achieve;
  • how to develop a scorecard simply and effectively.

The practical and proven methods can be applied to any group, organisation or sector. Businesses, government enterprises and agencies as well as not-for-profit organisations will benefit from these practical and proven methods.


Masterclass Modules

Details of the Masterclass can be found at KMS Education – as is where to book your place 



Masterclass Approach


Dr Kenny will lead you with an emphasis on what works and what doesn’t work.

This fresh look at performance measurement will open your eyes to a simple way to develop a scorecard that will focus performance in your organisation, department or section.

You’ll be shown how to design KPIs and put them together as a scorecard that will focus your staff’s energy on boosting performance.


2Delegates’ Comments about Graham

“Excellent – one of the best seminars I have attended.”

Damian Byers – Director of People, Learning & Culture, Uniting Care Ageing

“I spent 2 days with Graham Kenny learning about Strategic Factors, Strategy, and Performance Measures. I found his knowledge insightful, and his framework is very transferable. A simple and elegant way to approach what can sometimes be a complex problem.”

Julia Huynh, Principal Advisor Strategy Innovation and Performance, Department of Transport and Main Roads, Qld

“Lots of information. A colourful presentation and delivery. Graham has the ability to relate his remarks to situations we face in our roles.”

Nina Slade – General Manager, MadeCo Australia

“Graham has an easy and informative facilitation style and encourages full participation. His approach is grounded in real experience and as such is eminently practicable and can be implemented.”

Lloyd Dobson – Manager Planning and Performance, Australian Maritime Safety Authority

“Gained a lot. Will be able to implement the key learnings within our organisation.”

Kate Banozic – Executive General Manager, Business and Advisory Services, Cricket Australia

“Practical, and the content makes perfect sense in a real environment.”

Judy Jaeger – Director of Future City, Newcastle City Council

“I wish I had attended the seminar earlier. It provided a systematic approach that can be assimilated in many areas – a clear process to work through.”

Janine Loader – Chief Nursing Officer, St Vincent’s Private Hospital

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