Is Your Organisation Reaching Its Competitive Potential?

Like most organisations, your answer is probably “no”. Would you give yourself 10 out 10 for how well you design your business strategies? What rating would you receive for the effectiveness of the performance measures you use? Your answer to both questions underpins your achievement of competitive potential.

To boost our clients’ achievement of their potential, we provide specialised assistance in two areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • Performance measurement

This focus gives us the edge over our competitors.

Strategic Factors is headed by Dr Graham Kenny – a thought leader and authority on these topics – and a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review.

A Strategic Plan and Performance Scorecard

Strategic Planning

Facilitating: This involves a series of presentations and workshops for clients so that at the end they obtain the result they seek.


This could be a strategic plan that sets the organisation on a course to be adjusted as circumstances change – an Agile Strategic Plan.


It may be a Focused Scorecard of key performance indicators that helps track significant outcomes for the organisation and that links to its strategic plan.


It could be both, developed simultaneously, to unsure fit.


All presentations and workshops are accompanied by manuals, articles, templates and diagnostics.


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Understanding Strategy and Performance Measurement

Key Performance Indicators

Educating: Clients recognise that their knowledge and skills in strategic planning and performance measurement need boosting.


Our in-house workshops lift the capabilities of board members, managers and staff in two fundamentally important areas.


Strategic planning: The responses to Graham Kenny’s Harvard Business Review articles leave us in no doubt that there’s much pain in business around strategy. The result: confusion and underperformance.


Performance measurement: Our research and consulting activity demonstrate that organisations measure too much and measure the wrong things. Money spent, for no effect.


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Enthused about Strategy and Performance

Strategy Implementation

Speaking: As Australia’s only regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Graham Kenny is a sought-after speaker on strategic planning and performance measurement.


He provides a provocative and dynamic outlook on these topics unveiling the insights from his 30 years at the cutting edge of developing business strategy and measuring performance.


His presentations are fast-paced, interactive and humorous containing many “light-bulb” moments. He creates a compelling experience that is challenging and personally relevant.


Graham’s presentation style has been described as both warm and energetic.


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