Tailored Workshops That Drive Results – For You

Can you afford to have your staff not – performing at their peak;  remaining on top of trends;  and generating fresh ideas to keep ahead of the game? The answer for organisations in all sectors – business, government and not-for-profit – is a clear “no”.

Commission our tailored workshops to tackle these issues – and in the process boost your business performance. They can run from one half-day to three days depending on your specific upskilling requirements.


How to Develop an Agile Strategic Plan to Boost Performance

Strategic Planning

Most management teams struggle to design and write an effective strategic plan.


One cause is a poor structure to the plan itself. Another is the lack of an effective method to develop the material to go in it. A third is a mixing up of operational and strategic issues.


Yet, in this complex and ever-changing world, the process of developing and writing a plan is undeniably important to: gaining insight about your business model; obtaining agreement on corporate direction; the allocation of resources; and the achievement of corporate outcomes.


In this half-day, in-house program, Graham Kenny will lead you through the fundamentals of how to develop a clear and flexible strategic plan that will: deliver a competitive edge; be easily implemented and monitored; and be readily updated in the light of changed circumstances.


Lift your performance from good to great by commissioning this workshop for your executive team and staff.


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How to Design a Focused Scorecard of Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators

What gets measured, gets noticed – and what gets noticed gets done.


Key performance indicators (KPIs) play a special role in reducing uncertainty and providing focus – which is why measuring performance is so important to managing and driving results.


Our experience shows that management teams strain to come to grips with what constitutes “performance” for their organisations, business units and teams.


Designed for managers and their teams, this half-day, in-house program, Graham Kenny will lead you through a clear set of steps that will leave you confident: in understanding the difference between activity and outcome measures; in knowing what a key performance indicator really is; and in being able to develop a scorecard of KPIs that is right for your organisation, business unit or team.


Gain greater clarity on what you’re trying to achieve and how to measure it by engaging Graham Kenny  to lead you through this workshop.


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How to Think Strategically for Better Business Solutions

Strategy Implementation

How you think affects how you behave – how you make decisions – and ultimately your very success.


Managers and their staff are inevitably drawn to deal with issues that are operational – internal to an organisation, business unit or team. In effect, they become prisoners of their organisations.


In this volatile and uncertain world its important that you avoid this trap by thinking differently about problems separating aspects which are operational from those that are strategic.


The result? You and your team will: become more customer-centric; find pathways to innovation and creativity; view issues outside-in not inside-out; break down internal silos; and ultimately develop a more successful organisation.


Intended for managers and their staff, in this half-day, in-house program, Graham Kenny takes an experiential approach to unfold the steps in achieving and maintaining a strategic mindset.


Take your organisation’s performance to a whole new level by commissioning this workshop for your managers and their staff.


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