Tailored Workshops That Drive Results – For You

Can you afford to have your staff not – performing at their peak;  remaining on top of trends;  and generating fresh ideas to keep ahead of the game? The answer for organisations in all sectors – business, government and not-for-profit – is a clear “no”.

Commission our tailored workshops to tackle these issues – and in the process boost your business performance. They can run from one half-day to three days depending on your specific upskilling requirements.


Developing a Competitive Edge by Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Without clear strategies and an effective business model organisations fly blind in the troubled space of innovative technologies, novel delivery systems, new breeds of consumers and a radically reshaped economic landscape.


Yet managers struggle to move beyond business-as-usual, thinking operationally rather than strategically.


By reviewing a range of techniques including design thinking, appreciative inquiry and shared value, we demonstrate how, by following a simple yet powerful system, managers can think outside-in to plan strategically and gain a competitive edge.


Boosting Performance via Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators

What gets measured, gets noticed – and what gets noticed gets done. Key performance indicators play a special role in this – which is why measuring performance is so important to managing and driving results.


Our experience shows that management teams strain to even come to grips with what constitutes “performance” for their organisations.


By following a clear set of steps we have participants confident in understanding: the difference between activity and outcome measures; what a key performance indicator really is; and how to develop a Focused Scorecard of KPIs.


Creating the Innovative Organisation for Success

Strategy Implementation

Is your organisation flooded with new ideas? Would you say that yours is an innovative organisation? Are you sure your managers know how to encourage innovation? If your answer to any of these three questions is not a resounding “yes” then this workshop will be a step in the right direction.


Broken into four modules the three-and-a-half-hour session: Defines innovation, its types and sources. Employs a diagnostic to analyse and discuss your organisation’s innovative characteristics. Employs a further diagnostic to consider individual manager’s innovative behaviour. Conducts a final facilitated forum on further issues that hinder your organisation from becoming truly innovative.